Hi. I am Cecilia from Sweden and I am working as an artist, consulter, medium, painter and public speaker.

Areas of Expertise

My name is Cecilia and I am from Sweden, currently i am living in Portugal near Lisbon. I am a spirituality professional who works with tarot card reading and spirituality guidance since 2017. I am also graduated in psychology from Sweden University, and I work with mental health and give advice through counseling and lectures.

If you want my services you can book from my page and I can give you an online session through a call on Whatsapp. or you can take an one to one session in lisbon or around.

My book "The true light in you existence" is available on amazon. It tells you how to find your existence balance, reach good mental health and spirituality enlightenmemt through tools to live your dream life and listen to your heart.

My online course "Improve your existential balance" you can find here too.

Contact me ce.artistic@gmail.com

Whatsapp +46704008214

My book on Amazon you have here.

My other services you can find here.

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