Cecilias coaching program PET (praktisk existentiell tillämpning)

Cecilia's coaching program PET (practical existential application) which has its roots in her book "The true light in existence: - About existential balance and well being" as well as knowledge about the development of our emotional intelligence.

Along with my training as a behavioral scientist, shadow effect coach and previous work experiences, I have created this coaching program to achieve your best well-being and also flourish into the unique individual that you are.

Emotionally, your intelligence will be strengthened, your self-esteem will grow, your intuition will be recognized to set boundaries and see your real need take shape.

You will be able to make independent decisions and choose good and healthy relationships.These areas below will be covered by the coaching system.

Recommended is to do these 10 sessions to reach your best and full potential with your life and being. Value 900 euros, your price 499 euros

  • Get to know your mental status and well-beingYour
  • EQ, your energy, care, consciousness do
  • Your awareness, your habits, norms/belief systems
  • Love yourself, guilt thoughts/feelings/inner critic's that wants you to fail
  • Build healthy self-esteem, EQ
  • Listen to the voice of your heart, intuition. Not affected by Energy Thieves/narcissism
  • Your integrity, how you see yourself
  • Work on your dreams and goals
  • Your full potential, knowledge and the whole of society.

Below you see my two diplomas as life coach and shadow effect coachas

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